Welcome World Reknown Trainer

Mr Conrad Schumacher

On his return to Central California in 2010!

International Rider, Trainer and Coach of World Class Horses and Olympic Riders will offer his insights in to his training methods for three days in April 27, 28, 29 and October (tbd).  
Mr. Schumacher is internationally recognized for his systematic approach in developing the dressage horse.  He has been instrumental in the development of this country's Young Rider Program and has educated top trainers and judges in USDF's Trainer's Conferences.  Join us during this educational opportunity! 

Contact Renee for more information   559 260-0620
11699 East Bullard Avenue in Clovis, Ca

Join us for an unparallel learning experience with one of THE Master's of Dressage!

Auditors welcome at $40/day
Share this learning opportunity with us ~ includes hospitality and our patio lunch! Considerately, prearrangments are greatly appreciated!